Interesting Facts About Wrestling

Wrestling is one of the most exciting sports in the world. Like boxing, Jiu-Jitsu and Taekwando, wrestling is a combat sport. However, wrestling is more popular than the combat sports above. There are thousands of amateur and professional wrestlers operating in different parts of the globe. Below are some facts about professional and amateur wrestling in different parts of the globe.

History of Wrestling
History has been around for a very long time. There is evidence to suggest that wrestling was already in existence in ancient Egypt during the era of the Pharaohs and that was about 2300 BC. There is also evidence that wrestling was practiced in ancient Greece and in the ancient Roman Empire.

Wrestling in the Modern Era
The establishment of gymnasiums in the Greek and Roman Empires resulted in the regulation and organization of modern Greco-Roman wrestling. Prize money was offered for the first time around this time and freestyle wrestling spread to the United States and the United Kingdom. In 1896, Greco-Roman wrestling became an event for the first time in the Olympic Games. Subsequently, freestyle wrestling has been an Olympic event since 1904. The United World Wrestling Organization was founded in 1921 and has regulated amateur wrestling since 1921.

Wrestling as Entertainment
Wrestling is not just a sport, it is also a big business and a great form of entertainment. Television stations around the world and cable TV companies have interesting televised wrestling programs and these programs rake in big money. Wrestling programs have a huge fan base and the wrestlers are well paid for their performances. These programs feature single fights, tag team fights, cage fights, Royal Rumble and other entertaining fights.

The Process of Big Fights
Elite wrestling tournaments go with a lot of hype, advertising, and public relations. Before the match day, the fighters hold press conferences and talk up their game. On the match day proper, the fighters are weighed with the best wrestling scales before the fight begins. In elite wrestling tournaments, fighters usually fight according to their weight categories. These categories include middleweight, light heavyweight or heavyweight.

Final Word
Wrestling is not just a sport; it is an industry in its own right. This industry provides employment for many professionals across the globe. Some of these professionals are television producers, commentators, referees and advertisers. Wrestling also provides employment to many professional and amateur wrestlers as well their coaches and backroom staff. There is big money in the sport and this is why it will never go out of style.

Finding The Best Wrestling Dummy

One of the biggest problems wrestlers have is getting their moves down. Most of their practice is simply practicing the various holds and escapes, attempting to establish muscle memory; eventually, their muscles will be able to move without the wrestler actually thinking about it and be able to respond an opponent’s moves as a reflex. As they are not always able to practice with other wrestlers sometimes they need dummies in order to get any decent practice in, and that requires the best wrestling dummies. Fortunately, there are different models available.

The two basic models are full-torso dummies and full-body dummies, and each is used for different types of practice. The full-torso dummies appear human from the waist up and are on stands; even though they may not have arms but those are, of course, available in some models. These are useful for practicing different standing holds and other moves as well as punches and kicks, making them useful for different disciplines as well as those that practice several different ones, such as mixed martial artists. While the dummy does not exactly fight back it is nonetheless useful for those looking to get the moves down before sparring with an actual opponent.

The full-body dummy is even more human-like, and the joints are flexible as well. They are extremely useful for practicing full-body holds and even some escapes. While there is still a lack of fighting back from the dummy, they are useful in getting a wrestler used to the weight of a human body, as well as moving that weight around. A wrestler can also practice basic holds and even some escapes. Again, the material is dense enough to take some serious punishment while soft enough to simulate human flesh, ensuring that the practice will be reasonably authentic.

The best wrestling dummy will depend on the potential use that the wrestler has planned for it, but the wrestler is only limited by his budget when it comes to purchasing them. The best allow for some posing of the dummy as well as some flexibility when it comes to its actions, allowing for an even better workout. The wrestler just needs to establish what kind of regimen he plans to have in order to decide which kind of dummy is best for him, as well as what kind of room and budget he has available. There are some great dummies available for very reasonable prices, ensuring that a wrestler will be able to find the best dummy for his purposes.


Buying A Quality Wresting Dummy

Even our most reliable training partners will not always be there all the time. They may get sick or injured. They might be away for work, family duties, or a competition. Sometimes we will have to practice on our own and make the most of our solitude. You can still practice your drills and moves by using a wrestling dummy. This inanimate object may not be as clever as your human sparring mates but they can work all day, take a great deal of abuse, and never breathe a word of complaint. Just make sure that you get a good one for best results.

Height and Weight

These are some of the most important considerations if you are planning to join a competition. If you have an idea about your future opponents, then you may want to select a dummy that matches their average heights and weights. This way, you will know what to expect and can build up your strength to counter them. You may want to buy more than one dummy so that you can practice for different body types. If a certain weight feels too heavy for you, then drop down to a lighter weight and get comfortable first before progressing.


A lot of the techniques in wrestling will hinge on your ability to hold a certain position that holds down your opponent. For instance, you might go for a submission via an armbar. Getting into this position can be tricky and clever wrestlers know how to make an escape. You can prevent them from doing so by practicing with a dummy over and over again until you have perfected it. A flexible one will be ideal as you can really lock everything in place. You can also try chokes and other holds. It would be difficult to do all these if your dummy was as stiff as cardboard.


Since you will be heaping a great deal of physical abuse on this dummy, it is likely to show signs of damage if it is not well-made. Ask around to learn what the best brands are and stick to those. A good piece of equipment should be able to last for years, allowing you to fully utilize it to your advantage. If you are buying in a store, check the quality of the stitching, the feel of the cushioning, the texture of the surface material, and so on. These are just some telltale signs to watch out for. You should also check online reviews to see which products are getting excellent feedback.


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