Finding The Best Wrestling Dummy

One of the biggest problems wrestlers have is getting their moves down. Most of their practice is simply practicing the various holds and escapes, attempting to establish muscle memory; eventually, their muscles will be able to move without the wrestler actually thinking about it and be able to respond an opponent’s moves as a reflex. As they are not always able to practice with other wrestlers sometimes they need dummies in order to get any decent practice in, and that requires the best wrestling dummies. Fortunately, there are different models available.

The two basic models are full-torso dummies and full-body dummies, and each is used for different types of practice. The full-torso dummies appear human from the waist up and are on stands; even though they may not have arms but those are, of course, available in some models. These are useful for practicing different standing holds and other moves as well as punches and kicks, making them useful for different disciplines as well as those that practice several different ones, such as mixed martial artists. While the dummy does not exactly fight back it is nonetheless useful for those looking to get the moves down before sparring with an actual opponent.

The full-body dummy is even more human-like, and the joints are flexible as well. They are extremely useful for practicing full-body holds and even some escapes. While there is still a lack of fighting back from the dummy, they are useful in getting a wrestler used to the weight of a human body, as well as moving that weight around. A wrestler can also practice basic holds and even some escapes. Again, the material is dense enough to take some serious punishment while soft enough to simulate human flesh, ensuring that the practice will be reasonably authentic.

The best wrestling dummy will depend on the potential use that the wrestler has planned for it, but the wrestler is only limited by his budget when it comes to purchasing them. The best allow for some posing of the dummy as well as some flexibility when it comes to its actions, allowing for an even better workout. The wrestler just needs to establish what kind of regimen he plans to have in order to decide which kind of dummy is best for him, as well as what kind of room and budget he has available. There are some great dummies available for very reasonable prices, ensuring that a wrestler will be able to find the best dummy for his purposes.

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