It’s Grappler-Taira for Wrestling, Boxing, MMA and Other Stuff!

Hello! It’s the fabulous, one and only Grappler-Taira blog coming to you with information about BJJ, MMA, Boxing, Wrestling, and more about sports and lifestyle trends! My first inclination is to talk about the martial arts, but there is truly so much out there in the world that has piqued my interest, that I honestly don’t think I could just stick to one single topic!

Stick around sports fans, because you just never know what I’m going to come up with! I suppose some of it will be reviews and educational features because it seems like people are always looking to learn about different pieces of equipment (for example, like, grappling dummies in my case) and how to choose the best stuff. I do plan to write about things like that. Thank you for your interest. See you soon!

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